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Come inside...

The Oasis


  • Vibrance HQ
    57A Brisbane Street, Hobart


  • Friday 26 February
  • Saturday 27 February


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Our late night spot after everything else is closed and you still wanna party. Catch Neu Hörizöns DJ’s playing at Vibrance’s own HQ. Come through the tunnel of love into a safe and inclusive rave space of good vibes and banging beats.

Friday Night

Salvador Ricardo

Salvador Ricardo a.k.a. General Purpose is co-founder, DJ & producer on Melbourne, Australia based record label General Purpose (GP). The label was founded with his best pal Len Leise and they are transforming what a record label should be. The label encourages production a little more left than the standard, promoting weird and wonderful music while providing quality production and a visual appeal.

Listen to Salvador Ricardo:

Arunya Lee Olive

Inspired by sounds of the underground, Arunya Lee Olive is an electronic music enthusiast hailing from Hobart, Tasmania. Arunya is passionate about playing all things deep and hypnotic. Selecting music which speaks to the soul, her philosophy is to share music which inspires and energizes individuals. Devoted to developing her art, Arunya loves connecting with people through her unique musical journeys.

Arunya has supported various artists from around the globe including: Klangkuenstler, BLOND:ISH, Bass to Pain Converter, Victor Y, Setaoc Mass and 999999999.

Listen to Arunya Lee Olive:

DJ Greenroom

DJ Greenroom ~ a.k.a. Hector ~ is one of the three Neu Hörizöns honchos. Señor Greenroom has been an ambassador for trans-Bassian relations, residing in Melbourne but raised in Hobart, and regularly traveling to and fro. Hector mixes between genres with inspiration in breaks, footwork, jungle and techno, he is not afraid to dabble in the high bpm. Whilst not in the green room, Hector has mixed at many of Neu Hörizöns gigs, most notably supporting Peach, Moxie, Mafalda, DJ Gigola, and Rachel Lyn.

Saturday Night

Darcy Justice

Darcy Justice has paved her way through classic hip hop & soul to the underground house music scene. Impressing her colleagues and patrons alike with her eclectic musical taste and smooth transitions. She landed her first residency with Lucid in 2017 and now is becoming a regular at Butter Sessions parties and beyond. Whether it be warming up the crowd or closing down the house, Darcy Justice takes you on a euphoric journey through rhythm with style and grace.

Listen to Darcy Justice:


holly.etc’s taste sits somewhere around the dark corner of the electro spectrum. Blended with hints of bouncy breaks, trancey acid and wall shaking techno.

When it comes to being in the club, the one thing this local DJ wants is for people to just have a good time and let loose to music that takes over your body.

Jean de la Baptiste

The effervescent Jean de la Baptiste may rear their head anywhere along the eclectic spectrum of dance music. A honcho of nipaluna/Hobart’s Neu Hörizöns club night and label, this Machiavellian shapeshifter regularly twists themselves around sounds as diverse as dream house, club classics, breaks, rave, and everything in between. When they perform, Jean aims to please everyone on the dance floor, from the chin-strokers to the larrikins, by setting a powerful idiosyncratic mood from sunrise to sunset.

Jean has been instrumental in bringing DJs as diverse Peach, HAAi, Mama Snake, Priori, Roza Terenzi, Mafalda, Francis Inferno Orchestra, and Nummer to the shores of cold Ibiza, whilst supporting the likes of Djrum, Ciel Nite Fleit, and Partiboi69 in their own right.

Listen to Jean de la Baptiste:

Neu Hörizöns believe in encouraging and promoting safe spaces for all. We have zero tolerance for homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, misogyny, and negative or toxic vibes. Be wary of your position and your power. Look out for each other, the space, and yourself, and we will look out for you. There will be a designated known safety officer at each event.

Neu Hörizöns events takes place on the stolen lands of the Muwinina people. We acknowledge the Tasmanian Aboriginal community, who have survived invasion and dispossession, and continue to maintain their identity, culture and Aboriginal rights to this day. Sovereignty was never ceded.