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Sarah Wells



  • Old Telstra Wall
    93 Bathurst St

Sarah Wells, also known as Freekshow, is an aspiring artist who enjoys designing cartoon characters and bringing them to life in bright multicolours. Her main mediums are painting, animation and drawing. One reoccurring theme of her artwork is inappropriate awkwardness and a reoccurring character theme is old, fat, naked men with butts, boobs and willies.

She draws a lot of influence from Felix Colgrave, Trey Parker and Matt stone, Pendleton Ward, Shaun Tann, Tom O'Hern, the Big Lez Show and Rick and Morty. She also gets a lot of her inspiration through her dreams, Pareidolia, her own energy, aura and hallucinations. When she creates she often feels like it doesn't come from her rather, it is energy channeling through her, creating messages from the universe.