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Gina Deams

Gina Deams


  • Kitome Wall
    60 Burnett Street, North Hobart

I am an individual at which the core of everything I do in life is fuelled by creativity. I am a mother, friend, neighbour, florist and last but by no means least an artist.

My signature style is dark and delicate, muted and colourful, loose and detailed, powerful and fragile, abstract and focused, endless contradictions of nature that sit alongside each other. I paint flowers. I paint using acrylics, ink and spray cans. I paint small, when I feel little and larger when I feel braver. My art represents me. I often paint in a series, creating a family of work that can sit alongside each other and read like a story, a story board. By painting in series, I create an environment, my world if you like, of which now I would like to invite people in to experience and enjoy.

My heros, therefore inspiration are rooted in the comic book world. Ashley Woods painterly illustrative work, Ralf Steadman and Paul Pope. Australian painter, Brett Whitely has been an important, constant, reference also Japanese brush work, textiles, really gets me going. I deliberately look at people outside the painters world. I hope by doing so my work translates to a wider audience, and adds an element of depth. Charles Rennie Mackintosh the architect for design and concepts, Paul Smith the clothes designer and David Hicks the garden designer for brand ethos. Savion Glover, tap dancer, for rhythm and story telling. Mary Portas for creative business mindset. These people have enriched my outlook on what the definition of an artist may be, and how to communicate art to the general public.