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Caitlin artwork

Caitlin Foster


  • Contemporary Art Tasmania Carpark
    27 Tasma Street, North Hobart

Caitlin Foster is an emerging, interdisciplinary artist, working in the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, stop motion animation and sound.

Caitlin’s practice revolves around a children’s picture book series that she is currently creating. Everything she produces has relevance to it’s growing narrative.

This world has a language, and monsters of it’s own. As Caitlin’s perception grows, her world grows with it. Now this narrative interrogates social commentary and reflects a greater depth than the once whimsical world that she escaped to as a child.

Caitlin is currently exploring the predominant antagonists in her story; ‘The Mechanical Monsters.’ As we consume machines, they consume us. They are growing under our noses, and we are giving into them.

A world revolved around monsters, as monsters revolve around us.

Follow Caitlin as her story evolves.